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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

Wow, we had a busy weekend!  My weekend started on Thursday with plans to spend some time with my Mom, sister, niece and nephew.  My Mom took me kayaking on Goshorn Lake in Saugatuck and then we met up with Jill, Colton and Cassidy to go to Oval Beach.  It was the perfect day to hit the beach.  The kids love the water and sand so it is fun to watch them play. We even saw a blimp fly by?!?!

Friday was my 30th Birthday and I was spoiled by Scott for the day!  He arranged for me to have the day off of work so we could spend the day together.  He planned the entire day...we started off with breakfast at one of my new favorites - The Biscuit in Washington Square.  Then we went to Pentwater for the rest of the afternoon.  We strolled the cute downtown shops and grabbed some lunch to eat on the beach.  It was quite cool on the beach so we just relaxed there, took a walk and headed back home.  We finished the day with dinner at The Piper in Holland.

A few downtown Pentwater shops-

On Saturday we went to the Detroit Tigers game with Scott's family.  We got there early and had dinner at Hockeytown and then went into the 97 degree stadium!  It was hot!  Luckily our seats were in the shade.  We watched the Tigers get rolled for 2 innings when dark clouds started to roll in.  All of the sudden it was windy and raining sideways and we were soaked! We waited for about 45 minutes and then left since it did not appear to be letting up any time soon.  Unfortunately they did restart the game about 2 1/2 hours later so we were not able to get rain-out tickets.  Not exactly the night we were hoping for, but I am sure we will not forget it for a very long time!

Our friends Phil and Liz came up to our house late on Saturday night to stay with us and enjoy Sunday together.  Scott and Phil golfed a very, very early round on Sunday morning before church.  We spent most of the afternoon at Douglas Beach.  The weather was once again PERFECT!  After the beach we had a delicious dinner at The Everyday People Cafe in Douglas.

We drove back to Holland to watch the fireworks, but we had the wrong night...they were actually on Monday night.  But, it was soooo worth it since the sunset was gorgeous!!

On Monday we decided to stay home most of the day to catch up from being busy all weekend. We enjoyed burgers on the grill with Scott's family for dinner and then headed to the big village of Overisel for a great small-town fireworks show.  


thesloothaaks said...

We were at the fireworks in Overisel too -- wish we would have known that you were there! What a fun and BUSY weekend you had! So happy that you had such a great birthday, too!

don and sara said...

Sounds like fun! I'd like a good small-town fireworks show! Happy belated birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Whose the guy going bald next to Liz in your 4th of July picture?