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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Weekend Getaway

We spent last weekend up north in Traverse City, MI for a little getaway.  We try to make it up north each summer, but the past two summers were not "normal", so we were happy to return this summer.  

We left of Friday afternoon and drove to Traverse City for the weekend. Our getaway started with a great dinner at a restaurant on Old Mission Peninsula...The Jolly Pumpkin.  It was our goal to eat only at local restaurants the entire weekend...and we were successful.  You can't beat local ingredients and delicious menus....and every local menu in TC has several dishes with cherries!

Old Mission Peninsula

On our way back to our hotel we caught the sun setting over the west bay.

We decided to try something new on this tasting!  Old Mission Peninsula has seven wineries.  We made it to three of them...and it was so fun. We both really enjoyed it and are looking forward to going to the wineries we did not visit on our next trip.

Our first stop: Black Star Farms

Our second stop:  Chateau Chantal cannot beat the views beautiful!  Views of the west bay...

...and views of the east bay!

Our last stop was Bower's Harbor Vineyards:

On Sunday we took a walk along the bay and then drove north to Charlevoix.  Our intent was to relax on the beach, but the weather was a little chilly for that.  We strolled through some local shops and ate lunch overlooking the harbor.  

We love so many things about Northern Michigan and are blessed that it is only a short drive away! 


thesloothaaks said...

What a FUN getaway! We've never been wine tasting either, but it's something I've always wanted to try. Northern Michigan is so beautiful -- we always say the same thing when we travel there.

Katie said...

I've always wanted to go wine tasting...looks like fun :)

Amber said...

Black Star Farms is my FAVORITE!!! Late Harvest Riesling....mmmmm!! :)
Looks like you guys had a great time.

Jill said...

What did you try/like?

don and sara said...

We want to do a similar trip this summer- looks like fun! And, you take great pictures- wow!