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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Florida iMovie

Ok, so we are finally getting around to posting some pictures from the vacation we took at the end of April.  We travelled to Destin, Florida once again with the Sayers Family.  We love this area so much...we keep going back!  I think this was our 6th trip there! These vacations are very low-key and relaxing.  When people asked us what we did on vacation...we just hung out by the pool and beach, went for walks, hit the playground, ate some yummy food and ice cream too! 

I was not looking forward to the time it would take to post several pictures on Blogger, so I decided to try making an iMovie with still photos.  So, this is my first attempt...

Untitled from Stacey Lubbers on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Great job Stacey! It was so much fun to watch.

Liz said...

Cute Stace.....nice work!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved it! Thanks so much for posting. Glad you guys all have fun, when you go.

Mom Sayers.