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Thursday, July 14, 2011

THE List & The Cottage

We made it!  We are officially on the waiting list to adopt from Ethiopia!  The email we received today said our dossier has been authenticated, translated, and registered with MOWCYA. 

At this point we are looking at about a 12 month wait for a referral.  The official time frame is 6-12 months, but Bethany is saying it will be at least 12 months for an infant. 

So, we begin the long wait...and keep praying for our future child.


We spent four days at a cottage on  Big Star Lake  near Baldwin, MI this past weekend.  Scott's family rents a cottage there each summer.  They have been going there for 30+ years!  We had a relaxing, long weekend!

Scott tubing with our niece, Lauren.  This girl loves tubing!

Wiffle ball on the beach! 

It was HOT over the weekend, so we took frequent swims in the middle of the lake!

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Katie said...

Such great must feel great to officially be on the waiting list!