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Sunday, July 17, 2011

GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine

Last Friday we went to Grand Rapids to try an Ethiopian restaurant for the first time.  We went with Brent and Kerri - another couple from Hamilton adopting from Ethiopia.  We have actually had very similar timing in our adoption processes.  Our dossiers traveled to Ethiopia on the same day and we both got word that we are officially on the waiting list this past Thursday.  So, we had reason to celebrate!

None of us had ever had Ethiopian food, so we were interested to try it.  The owner/host/waiter/cook (yes, one man did it all!) helped us pick out what to order.  We told him we were adopting from Ethiopia and he suggested we try the chicken and lamb with all the sides.  

This is how the food is served:

Each platter had the same sides, but one had chicken and one had lamb.  The sides included salad, lentils, chickpeas, cabbage vegetable combination, and green beans.  

We were not given silverware to eat with...that is what the injera is for.  Injera is the white rolls on each platter.  It is kind of like a spongy bread or pancake.  You tear a piece off and use that to pick up the food.

The food was very spicy!!!  We did like most of the food.  It was very tasty - even though it does not look very appetizing.  

Overall we had a great experience and would definitely recommend it to any one else who is adopting from Ethiopia!  The owner sat down with us at the end of our meal and told us a bit about Ethiopia.  He moved here 30 years ago, but it was still very interesting to hear him talk about his home country!

Thanks Brent & Kerri for experiencing a touch of Ethiopia with us!


Kerri said...

Scott and Stacey,
we enjoyed our touch of Ethiopia with you too. It was a fun experiance!!

MacKenzie said...

We LOVE Gojo!! Sam (the owner) is so sweet! Each time you eat there it tastes better :)

local said...

For meat lovers, trying the Ethiopian food "Tibs" should be an enjoyable experience.