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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Go Blue

Last weekend we packed up the mini and headed to Ann Arbor to watch a U of M basketball game.  We took Miles along and he did great!  He was so interested in looking around and checking everything out.

Scott & Miles court side before we headed up to our seats (3rd row from the top:)

Our little Michigan fan!

The arena had a stripe-out (everyone got either maize or blue shirts and glow wands).  Michigan beat Penn State!  Go Blue!

On another note- Miles 9 months stats-- 24 pounds 9 oz. (97%) and 30.5 inches long (99%)!  Eeeks!!  He is such a big boy!!

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Tiago said...

When I was a child my father used to take me to basketball games and I loved it. He is a real state agent and when he travelled to sell a house fast in other town he used to take me to see the town´s team.