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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

9 months

I realize it has been quite a while since we last updated this blog!! A few people asked if we quit blogging:)  No- life just got a bit crazy for a bit and then I just did not know how to catch here is a quick update from the last 3 months.

We sold our house in October!  We stayed living there until the buyers sold their current home!

On November 20 we legally and officially welcomed Miles Matthew into our family.  We had a court hearing that our family was able to attend.  It was such a great and joyous day for our family!  He is such a blessing and it was good to finally be able to give him our last name and have the adoption finalized!

We moved out of our house and into my parents basement on December 14.  Our plan is to stay living with them until our new house is done.  

We celebrated the birth of Jesus and Miles first Christmas!

Our new house is finally started on December 26!

Happy New Year with family friends!

And February 4 brings Miles to 9 months!  I know everyone says it goes fast...but seriously...what happened to our little baby? He has been incredibly healthy so far, loves to babble, gives wet kisses, still loves to snuggle and is quickly becoming a little man!  I thought he was a little behind in the mobility department...until last week.  In the last week he has learned to crawl, pull him self up and is walking along things!  Wow!  Life is a little different now!

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