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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waiting & Meeting Peyton

A few short weeks ago we were meeting with a birth mother for the first time, and now we are preparing to welcome a baby in a few months!  We are busy planning and getting ready to welcome an infant into our home and lives.  Wow, what a change that will be!

At this point we do not know the gender of the baby, but we are still holding out hope to find out before he/she is born.  So, we have been not done any major baby shopping yet...although we did buy a couple outfits to celebrate on the day we found out we were chosen.

Our nursery is well on its way to being completed.  We have slowly been working on it since last fall when we started the domestic adoption process.  Right now it is gender neutral and we are excited to add some baby boy or baby girl touches to the room.  I will post some pics when the room is complete!

Please join us as we pray for the birth mother.  She is making an amazing sacrifice that is not easy.  Pray for her during these last few months of her pregnancy.  Pray that she is given peace that transcends all understanding. 


We were finally able to meet our newest little niece Peyton a few weeks ago.  Katie and Andrew made the trip from Philadelphia to introduce Peyton to the family.  She is a little sweetie!  

Katie asked me to take a few pics of her.  She was about 8 weeks at the time- not in the super sleepy infant stage, but also not really able to hold her head we did what we could.  Here are a few favorites.

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Liz said...

REALLY great photos Stace....I'm tellin' could turn this buddy hobby into something :):) Peyton is beautiful!! Can't wait to see you work your magic here in just a few short months on your little one :)