Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Psalm 82:3

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

To Your Name...

The words in our last post from the song "Thank You" became even more relevant to us in the last week - 

To Your name we give all the glory
To Your name we give all the praise
You're alive
Our God everlasting
So let Your face shine on us

You see, when we wrote that post about being thankful and waiting on His perfect timing, He was already working in the heart of a birth mother. 

So, we are excited, thankful, humbled, and full of joy to announce that she chose us.

We will be parents to a little baby in May through the miracle of adoption!  


mlvanommen said...

LOVE it! The birth mother could not have picked a better couple. We can't wait to meet your little guy or gal!

Liz said...

Again....our hearts are full of joy for our wonderful friends! Praise God! Praying for you, baby and birth parents!

jillsloothaak said...

I got chills just reading those words again and again! We just can't wait to see that sweet baby in your arms. Rejoicing with you and thanking God for His perfect timing and plan for your family!

Anonymous said...

So glad to read this today! We are excited for you! Lots to do in the next few months to get ready for this little one. The birth Mom has chosen a great Mom & Dad for her little one. Thanks for your testimony, & God bless you!

Big Papa & Lil Mama
2nd try

don and sara said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! Lots of celebrating going on for you in our house!

Anonymous said...

We are doing the happy dance in Vegas!! So happy for you both!! I hope we get to meet your little cutie this summer!!

Dustin & Hope