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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lovin' Michigan Summers!

We have had a great summer and this weekend was no exception!  Most of our time on the weekends is spent in, on or around Lake Michigan.  We love to take full advantage of the lake and all it has to offer.  We started our weekend on Friday night with dinner in Saugatuck.  Our family/friends Robb and Katie joined us for dinner along the river on a perfect night!

On Friday night Scott and I took a walk to Big Red and the South Pier in Holland.  The lake was quite rough, but it was another beautiful night.  Later that night we headed downtown to join Scott's sister and bro-in-law, Lisa & Mike at New Holland Brewery.

Many Sundays in the summer are spent boating on Lake Michigan with Scott's family.  This Sunday the lake was too rough for boating, so we spent the afternoon together at Oval Beach.

On our way home from Oval Beach, Scott and I noticed that Taste of Saugatuck was going on that day until 7 pm.  So, we rushed home to change clothes and headed back to Saugatuck for dinner.  We ate some delicious fish tacos (yes, Kate L.- they were great!) and a few other goodies from local restaurants.

Summer weekends will soon be ending, but we have so many things to look forward to this fall!


Kate said...

those do look good!!
so bummed Summer is coming to an end already, sounds like you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest! friday was tons of fun!

Katie said...

You eat fish tacos????

Liz said...

Scotty boy.....l'm glad that "the" T-shirt finally made a blog appearance :)