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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Children's Books on Adoption

While we are in this time of waiting for our referral, I decided to start a little library of children's books relating to adoption and/or diversity.  We feel that it is so important for our child/children to know their adoption story even at a young age!  So, I started searching for adoption and diversity related children's books and found some great ones.

These are all great books that I would recommend!

I have my eye on a few more that I have not purchased yet:
The Skin You Live In  By: Michael Tyler
The Colors of Us  By: Karen Katz.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for must-read children's adoption books!


Kate said...

you have a great collection!! i haven't read this yet but i've heard great things about "Brown Like Me"

i have another great book for you, but you'll have to wait and see :) i can't wait to give it to you on a special day!!

Mindy said...

Looks like a great bunch of books...I'm going to look into a few of those! A few others I would recommend:
* How I Was Adopted by: Joanna Cole
* Sesame Street-We're Different, We're the Same by: Bobbi Jane Kates (kinda basic, but for Mimi at age 3, she loves it and I have had some great conversations with both she and 6 year old Aubrie about how our eyes, noses, skin, hair etc are all different yet the same...just by reading this silly book)
* Children of God-Storybook Bible by: Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Quite detailed Bible not the most appropriate for kids who are real young, but it's illustrated by artists from around the world...on the front cover Jesus has light brown skin a looks Middle's awesome!)

How fun that you are working on getting your library going...I wish I had done more of that BEFORE Mimi came home. Hoping you hear about your little sweetie soon!

schuel said...

I own and love Shaoey & Dot, would also suggest: The Day We Met You by Koehler, A Koala for Katie by London, Did My First Mother Love Me? by Miller. Also, I Love You Like Crazy Cakes by Lewis...but this one is China specific, you'd have to change the words as you read. But you may find as I did that you always "tweek" the wording as you read.