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Thursday, August 9, 2012


It has been over a month already since I last posted, so it is time for an update!  

Scott and I having been going up north for our anniversary for quite a few years, so this year we made it a family trip.  We made the trip to Traverse City for one night in mid July.  This was Miles' first night away from home- so we decided to just make it a one-night getaway to see if he would handle it alright.  He did great (except for some fussiness in the car)!  We really enjoyed our time away on our first family "trip".

Later in July our small group went tent camping at Poncho's Pond in Ludington- we opted for a hotel this year with baby Miles as our excuse:)  We had a great time hanging out with friends, cooking for each other and having campfires!  We are already looking forward to next year's camping adventure!

The campground rented this giant water slide for an afternoon.  The kids loved it- so did the big kids (even though they came away with a few injuries).

The boys talking strategy:)

12 out of the 13 kiddos in the group!
From Ludington we traveled straight to Baldwin to Big Star Lake where the Scott's family rents a cottage each year.  We always have a fun and relaxing vacation here!

Miles' first ride on the boat

Miles was such a good sport with his life jacket on!

Maybe in a few years bud!

a great spot for a nap!

Last week Miles turned 3 months!  He is growing so fast!  It is so fun to see him grow and develop- it seems like he is doing something new almost every day! He is such a smiley little guy right now-  especially in the morning.  He continues to do great sleeping at night- and he really likes to eat...and still has all of this black hair!

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