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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

THE Date & Adoption Celebration

Late last week we heard from our case worker that a c-section was scheduled for our birth mother!  May 2!  In a little over two weeks we will have this precious baby in our arms!  We are not exactly sure what our involvement at the hospital will look like, but we are hoping to hear more about that later this week.  Two weeks!...seems so surreal!

Last weekend we were totally spoiled.  My sister-in-law Lisa and friend Liz planned an awesome evening for us.  Mike and Lisa hosted an Adoption Celebration for us with our family and friends.  We had such a great time and are so thankful for all of these people in our lives.

It was an evening to hang out, eat yummy food and play some funny games.  Our friend Phil was in charge of games and he did an awesome job.  He put together an entire bracket of Minute to Win It games.  This was so fun!

Liz and Lee made it so the finals of the competition with Liz taking home the bragging rights!

Opening gifts for our babe from our great family and friends!

Me with the awesome party planners- Lisa & Liz!

Thanks Lisa & Mike and Liz & Phil for all your work putting the party together:) It was such a fun night!


don and sara said...

Wow- 2 weeks!! So exciting! And what a great party/shower- I'm so, so happy for you both!!

Katie said...

Looks fun...sad I missed it, but I will be there soon!