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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Philly & Maine

I am a bit behind with blogging!  Most of my free time has been spent creating our domestic adoption profile book... and I am happy to say that it is complete!  We had our home study update a couple weeks ago, so all that needed to be done was the book.  It is off to print right now, and our case worker can start showing it to potential birth mothers as soon as we get the book back in the mail!  We are excited and a little nervous.  Not having a timeline is hard, but just as we wrote in our profile book - we know that God will shape our family perfectly and we are exited to see what is in store.


The second week in September we took a vacation to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Philadelphia.  We knew we wanted to make the trip there this summer, but did not know when we would do it.  For my 30th birthday Scott surprised me by planning a trip to see them in Philly and then going to Maine for five days!

So, we spent the weekend with them in Philadelphia.  We took in some traditional Philly sights - the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Christ's Church, and even authentic Philly Cheese Steaks.

Philly Cheese Steaks!

 Christ's Church...where George Washington attended.

Ok, so we didn't actually wait in line to go see the Liberty Bell, but we could see it pretty well looking in from outside.

Independence Hall (for the National Treasure buffs)

Katie and Andrew are expecting a little girl in December, so we did a little photo shoot while we were there at Valley Forge National Park.

Katie kindly returned the favor by taking a few pictures of us for our adoption profile book!

After spending the weekend in Philly, we flew out on Monday to Boston and then started driving up the coast of Maine.  Our 1st stop was Kennebunkport and then on to Portland - where this beautiful lighthouse is located.

We continued north to a cute little town called Camden where we stayed at a bed and breakfast for the 1st time.  I would recommend it...the inn-keepers were very friendly and helpful and the breakfast was great!  The evening we were there we decided to go sailing since neither of us had ever gone before.

Our final destination was Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.  We loved these areas and they were the favorite part of our trip!

Lobster is everywhere!  We tried whole lobsters for the 1st time...lets just say we needed a little help from our server to get at the goods:)  Gotta love the bibs!

We did a little hiking in Acadia National Park.  The trail we chose got a little more challenging than we were expecting:)

After our hike we had seafood chowder and popovers at Jordan Pond House (a very popular restaurant in the park).

Jordan Pond - what we overlooked during lunch...too bad it was foggy:(

Overlooking the town the Bar Harbor from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

We had a great trip and loved seeing the beautiful rocky coast of Maine.  On Friday we headed back to Boston to fly out the next day, so we spent the evening in downtown Boston.  I did not take my camera, but it was a really cool city that we would like to go back too at some point.  Scott's Boston highlight - driving by Fenway Park:)

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thesloothaaks said...

This trip looks amazing, Stacey! I didn't realize that it was part of your birthday gift. FUN! Glad that you had such a good time. (And glad that you got your profile book done too! One step closer!)