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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Thank you all for you prayers this week.  Unfortunately we received word today that the proposed changes became reality as the Ethiopian courts only processed 5 adoptions today (down from a normal day of 50 cases).  We feel a bit paralyzed by this and don't know exactly what to think or do.  We continue to pray that this wouldn't be long term in nature. A 90% drop in the adoption rate would mean that children would remain in orphanages much longer and wait times would significantly increase for families. A number of organizations (including representation from Bethany) are trying to meet with the decision makers this weekend.  We pray for a positive outcome for the sake of those kids and for those of us who desire to provide a permanent home for them.

Here is what Bethany sent us today:

Since we talked yesterday, the Dept. of State posted an alert regarding MOWA:  In it, they indicate that starting today, MOWA will only review five cases per day.   

This morning we spoke with the Bethany team in Ethiopia.  Sisay, Bethany's adoption coordinator in Ethiopia, went to the court (even though we did not have any cases today) and to MOWA to see if MOWA decided to, in fact, only review five cases per day.  He indicated that only five recommendations were submitted to court by MOWA today.  Also, it stated on the door at MOWA that their new policy was to review only five cases per day.   

Adoptive and birth parents will still be expected to attend their court dates as scheduled, and according to current information, will need to wait until MOWA writes their approval letter to be approved by the court.   

The Minister of MOWA has indicated that he will meet with the Network (a consortium of adoption agency representatives, of which Bethany is a part) this weekend to further discuss the issue.  If this meeting takes place, we hope to have additional news on Monday.   

It is important to note that this "policy" is still under negotitation and discussion within the government.  While it may be in practice at this time, we do not know it's future, as many within the government appear not to agree with the policy. 

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Katie said...

Hey guys,
We are sorry to hear about this decision but we will be praying for you and for the decision to be changed.
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight" Proverbs 3:5-6
With love,
Katie and Andrew